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There are some other important authors whose works I have discovered as I have read further into my journey: Maya Angelou, Booker T. Get to know me. Personal traits. Important quotes. And links to some other fun stuff. Apr 24, 2011 The story is based on the life of Bob Ong, a young Filipino author, who is the first Filipino to have his works accepted by the American market. You can read the entire series for FREE at: Dec 17, 2011 Read Bob Ong's latest book 'The Black Book'. INTERVIEW: Bob Ong. Filipina writer won American and Filipino literary contest. - Foreign Affairs - The Asia News Network. Ong received the full support of his community, who looked after him, fed him, treated him as one of their own, and cherished him as a brother. The people of Iloilo. Ong has always been an outstanding achiever. The Black Book features different chapters of Bob Ong's famous story, The Book of Judas, but read them in no specific order. The Black Book is a spiritually uplifting book, dedicated to the inner journey of the man of God. Ong's first book. The Black Book is a collection of episodes from Bob Ong's life, in The Black Book website. A black on black website, featuring the book in a virtual and autobiographical bookshop. ac619d1d87

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